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Repair terms and conditions

When repairing your drone we always carry out high quality work and test your drone is in good condition. We test its GPS, compass and IMU. However drones can fail for many reasons such as loss of signal, signal jamming, loss of GPS, battery failure, motor failure and more. You must always use your drone in compliance with drown laws in the country you are flying in and think of other peoples safety.
We are not responsible for any damage or injuries to people or property you may cause wile using your drone.


The warranty we offer depends on the type of repair carried out. The use of our service may void the original manufactures warranty. Our warranty is linked to a specific device as identified by its serial number. The warranty does not cover accidental damage and it does not cover change of ownership.

How long is the warranty
Shell repairs1 year
Gimbal ribbon replacement2 month
Flight Motor replacement3 month
Controller battery replacement3 month
All other repairs2 month

Postage terms and conditions

When collecting your drone or returning your drone to you we ask UPS or royal mail to insure your drone for £100 to cover damage that may happen to your drone wile in postage. You may ask us to insure it for more but the postage price UPS/royalmail charge will be a higher.