GBsite, How to get more customers to visit your website

There are many different ways to attract customers to your website, some free and some not. Here is my list of what I've found to work the best.

If you are a GBsite customer and need help with setting up any of the listings below then just email us for help

1. Google Ads

From my experience Google ads work really well to get customers fast and the great thing is that there is no contracts forcing you to keeps your ads running so you can stop them at any time. The bad side to Google ads is if you don't set your ads up right you can waste money so I suggest you read this before getting started Smallbiztrends Google Ads tips

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are much the same as Google ads but cheaper because you will see less results as less people search for services on Facebook.

3. Ebay

Not many people think of eBay as a place to sell services but you can if your service can be offered to the whole of the UK. For example if you offer a phone repair service where your customers can post you their phone for repair then you can create a listing on ebay to sell your service. It is a very cheap and effective way of getting customers to find you. Try searching on ebay for a service to see what others are doing.

4. Social media

It is important to make your business a Facebook and Twitter page to help with SEO. Make sure you use the same Business name, Phone number and Address you used on your website so Google and Bing know it is the same Business. Also tell your website manager to add links to them from your website. Remember to add new content to your Twitter and Facebook with photos of your work regularly.

5. Free business listings

Free listing sites like Google, Yelp, Bing and Yell can be very good to help with SEO. We would recommend you have your website in at least 5 business directories. Make sure you use the same address, phone number and business name.


When you make a free listing with some sites they will phone you and try to hard sell you ads and they will want to talk you in to wasting lots of money and tie you in to long contracts. So be carful.

Created on: 25/05/2019 20:36:43